TelEm Group investigating suspect fiber cable damage in Philipsburg area

TelEm Group fiber technicians are busy restoring voice and data services to customers in the Philipsburg area following suspected sabotage to some fiber equipment earlier in the week.

TelEm Group is reporting damage to TelEm Fiber cables and equipment in the Philipsburg area, saying the damage shows signs of tampering by person or persons unknown.

As a result of the damage, business and residential customers in the vicinity of the Philipsburg Arcade, formerly St. Rose Arcade, have been affected by interruptions to voice and data services since Sunday last.

Foul play suspected in TelEm Group fiber damage.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr. Eldert Louisa says the damage caused is very serious and seems to have targeted certain cables that would cause the most disruption to customer service.

“Not only is such action willful in nature, but it is also dangerous action since it deprives individuals of making any emergency calls in the event they or their loved ones require help,” said Mr. Louisa.

The CTO apologizes to all TelEm Group customers and members of the public whose voice and data services have been affected by the damaged fiber cable located at the Philipsburg Arcade.

“The outage is beyond our control and we are doing all we can to restore full service to our affected customers as soon as possible,” added the CTO Mr. Louisa.

TelEm Group is meantime appealing to members of the public who witness company equipment being damaged intentionally, to report the matter to the police via any of their anonymous numbers.

TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, says the company has set protocols in place, including reporting of incidents of malicious damage to the police whenever such damage is suspected.

“The damage to our telecommunication infrastructure may have been deliberately caused and that it why it is being reported to the police. Whoever is caught causing such damage and affecting the service TelEm Group provides to the public and to its customers will be dealt with to the full extent of the law,” warns Mr. Dupersoy.