Veterinary Services in Statia continues to microchip dogs.

The second micro chipping campaign of dogs in Statia has started recently and will end April 30th, 2021. Dog owners can pass by the Veterinary office at LVV from Monday to Friday between of 3:00PM to 4:00PM, with their dog(s). The micro chipping service is free of charge.

All dogs on the island of St. Eustatius must be micro chipped. The purpose is to help tackle the growing problem of stray dogs that are roaming the streets.

Micro chipping is not a tracking device. It provides essential statistics on the number and the type of dogs that are on the island. Also, if a dog is missing or is involved in an accident, the animal can be identified when chipped. Another benefit is to better prepare for a so called ‘epizootic’, a disease outbreak. A better preparation includes treatment and prevention and contributes to the animal welfare on the island and the veterinary public health.

“In the past year, many farmers complained that stray dogs entered their penned areas and killed their goats and sheep”, says Sharon Vera, Unit Manager of Veterinary Services. “When those dogs are caught, they are immediately micro chipped, in case they are not chipped already. A large number of dogs on the island are still not registered. This is why we are running a campaign to encourage all dog owners to bring their dogs to be chipped,” explains Vera.