Border Protection & Mobile Unit officially returned to Immigration and Border Protection Services

March 1st, 2021, marks the Border Protection and Mobile Unit’s return to the management of Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBP).

The Border Protection & Mobile Unit has been under the management of the KPSM Police Force of Sint Maarten since 2016. However, the structure conflicted with the LIOL and the organizational decree. Given this fact, the Minister of Justice Anna E. Richardson announced the departments’ re-joining to the IBP in December 2020.

The Minister of Justice hosted a “welcome home ceremony” for the officers and delivered a welcome speech. In her address, the Minister described the move as a historic one for the Ministry of Justice. Further, she described the last few years as challenging for the department regarding implementing authority of the Border Protection and Mobile Unit. According to the minister, the Border Protection and Mobile Control Units were the missing links within the Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBP) Department, consisting of Residence and Admittance, Border Protection and Mobile Control Unit.

“Getting the three divisions under one umbrella will ensure Sint Maarten’s border security is up to standards just like other country’s borders are being secured. Sint Maarten cannot be any different and therefore, must improve the immigration and border protection services to ensure for a stable and sustainable future,” she stated.

The Ministry is optimistic about the department’s future and is very confident that the new management will improve the department’s accomplishments and successes.

Minister Richardson told the officers that their job is not an easy one. She is however confident that the reunited department will show Sint Maarten and the world that the securing of our borders and our beautiful island is a serious one and will be done with the greatest honor. She thanked the officers for their commitment and diligence during the transition while assuring them that all unresolved issues are being addressed and will be resolved.