Domestic Violence Awareness Article

Domestic violence is a serious, ongoing problem that we are faced with. Sometimes our lack of understanding due to many of the misconceptions surrounding this issue can cause us to ignore it. One of the popular myths that we need to discredit is “Domestic violence is a private family matter.”

When we describe domestic abuse as a ‘private family matter’, we downplay, excuse and allow it. Domestic violence is everyone’s business. Keeping domestic violence secret helps no one and subsequently has damaging long term effects on the individuals, families and community at large.

We are all affected by domestic violence and have a responsibility to speak out against it. Only then will it end. We all can take the necessary steps to end domestic violence. Start asking, “Why doesn’t he stop?” instead of “Why doesn’t she leave?” This applies to either gender of the victim or perpetrator.

Domestic violence has been allowed to happen behind closed doors for too long. Domestic violence is a crime. It is against the law and as such punishable. Don’t ignore it or stay silent. If you or someone you know requires assistance, please contact the Women’s Desk at (721) 520-6291 or wo********@si************.org