Police Station and the section of the House of Detention immediately evacuated following a bomb threat.

At approximately 10:10 pm on Monday 28th, 2020, the Sint Maarten Police Force received an anonymous call regarding a potential bomb threat in the Philipsburg installation
 All officers on duty immediately followed protocols established. As a precautionary measure, all police personnel and the personnel of the House of Detention and prisoners were immediately requested to carry out their safety protocols and evacuate the building for their safety and that of the prisoners.
As a prescribes a search was conducted by the certified explosives recognition team of KPSM. During the search no item suspicious were found and the building was deemed clear and safe by the team.
Specific details regarding the content of the threat are not being released at this time. Members of the Detective Department have launched a full scale investigation into the origin of the call. 
The Police Force would like to warn the public that this dangerous and illegal behavior will not be tolerated. It will be the focus of KPSM to sought out the perpetrator of this criminal act and will present evidence to the prosecutor’s office which should lead to the prosecution of this culprit.
This case remains under investigation. Anyone having information regarding the bomb threat is asked to contact the detectives investigating this case at +1 721- 542 22 22 ext. 222 or the anonymous tip line on 9300 (free of charge).
You can also visit the website at www.policesxm.sx to report crimes anonymous via the tip contact form or can leave a private message via our Facebook page (Police Force of Sint Maarten-Korps Politie Sint Maarten)