A Motorbike rider collided with a turning vehicle.

The Traffic Department and Ambulance personnel were alerted to a serious traffic accident which took place on the Airport Road on Sunday evening around 11:00 pm.  
On the scene, the officers and paramedics encountered a rider of a white scooter with the initials M.C. who was involved in the accident and complaining shoulder and back pain. 

According to the information gathered by the Traffic Department, the driver of a white Nissan X-trail (P-7378) was driving in the direction of the PJIAE airport. At the same time, M.C., who was traveling in the opposite direction attempted to make a left turn into the gas station.

He was unable to brake in time and collided with the white Nissan
M.C. suffered a broken left shoulder and hip, and also suffered several other lacerations to his body. He was treated on the scene by the personnel of the ambulance and later transported to the SMMC for further treatment. The wounds of the scooter rider were not life-threatening. The personnel of the Traffic Department is investigating this accident.