Resources for Community Resilience Project Proposal Deadline set for October 5th

During the first week of September Resources for Community Resilience (R4CR) conducted four information sessions to inform Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), commonly known as non-profits or NGOs, about grant opportunities for their foundations. At total of 90+ CSOs attended either a face-to-face or virtual meeting and were informed about the content of the program, the application procedures and deadline.

R4CR, a programme implemented by VNG International (the International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Dutch Municipalities) and funded by the St. Maarten Trust Fund, was created to provide assistance to strengthening the capacity of CSOs on St Maarten in their reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts after hurricane Irma. Under R4CR, they will be invited to submit proposals for programmes benefitting local communities. In addition to funding, CSOs will receive support in managing and monitoring their programmes and will be offered a platform for exchange and cooperation with other organizations.

On September 3rd the first out of seven application rounds started with the deadline set on Monday, October 5th. This first round is called a ‘quick win’ where CSOs can apply for a maximum of US$ 50,000 and complete their project within six months. Quick win projects are relatively small and simple projects that can be executed fast and have an immediate impact on the community.

While the CSOs are busy writing their projects, VNG International has been busy expanding its local team with two extra persons next to Rolf Hunink and Jose Sommers. Steve Duzanson was hired as the Deputy Team Leader and Chi Hing Roger-Yee joined the R4CR team as the Finance & Control Specialist.
The team also has created a logo, new website and Facebook page with the services of local company St. Maarketing and made all documents needed for the grant application available on its new website.

For more information about the R4CR program and possibilities for funding, the R4CR team advises CSOs to visit the website and facebook page
Team members can be contacted per email at in**@r4**.org.

VNG International and the local 4CR Team are looking forward to receiving the grant proposals as soon as possible though not later than October 5th.