Governing Program 2020-2024 online

The Sint Maarten Government has posted the Governing Program 2020-2024 on the website and that of their Facebook page.

The name of the document is entitled: Stimulating Sustainable Economic Development and Prosperity. Subtitled: A Place where EVERY DREAM CAN BE ACHIEVED.

The document is meant to be a guiding vision and plan for the Government of Sint Maarten to execute with the next four years.

The public can see this policy document by going to the website and either viewing on screen or downing the file to read through carefully.

The program has as its point of departure a people-centered approach, whereby they can pursue opportunities and the quality of life is measured based on fundamental goals of family, friendship and community.

According to the introduction of the document, “Its focus is to find a realistic balance between people-centered and country-driven strategic interventions in their 4-year Governing program supported by a range of broad policy recommendations geared towards, the transition to a sustainable economy that empowers the people of Sint Maarten to realize their strengths and abilities to change their circumstances and positively influence the development of their communities.”

“In the short-, to medium-term the focus of this Coalition Government is sustainability, resilience and prosperity by exercising adequate control over government’s policy and projects, as well as cooperating in the realization of new legislation and amending existing ordinances to the benefit of all citizens. This Government will also provide good governance through effective representation, greater transparency and improved accountability and establish stronger fiscal discipline.”

For more information, the public can go to the website and their Facebook/SXMGov for the download and more information.