VSA launches campaign on Occupational safety

The Inspectorate of Public Health, Social development and Labor, launched the Stay Alert, Don’t get Hurt, Occupational Safety & Health Awareness campaign at the NIPA building on May 15th 2019. The goal of the campaign is to promote safe and healthy working environment for all persons, but in particular those working in the construction field and the hotel, restaurant, and casino.

The Key Objectives are to raise awareness of occupational safety and Health (OSH) problems in the construction field and the hotel, restaurant and casino, including their causes, amongst managers, supervisors and employees.

Increase the workforce’s knowledge of relevant legislation and encourage organizations to comply with the legislation.

Engaging multiple stakeholders to achieve effective and efficient enforcement with sustained compliance.

The Inspectorate strongly encourages the contractors and management of the construction companies and companies operating in the hotel, restaurant and casino sector to provide and maintain a safe work place for their employees. If a safe place of work and safe system of work is not in place, it can cost the company money, their reputation and ruin employee’s health.