HBN Law and DCTL are the largest legal and tax services provider in Dutch Caribbean

The professionals of HBN Law and DCTL (formerly KPMG Meijburg & Co Caribbean) will work together as HBN Law & Tax at the beginning of June 2019. This creates the largest legal and tax service provider in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, and also with branches in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
Eric de Vries, chairman of the board of HBN Law: “This step follows our ambitions to remain an attractive organization for legal talent and to continue to optimize the services to our clients. We now have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in all legal areas that are important for the business market in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. We also want to expand our practice in the Netherlands ”
“The ambitious continuity of quality is the most important reason behind our joining forces,” says Wendell Meriaan, managing partner of DCTL: preferably from the Dutch Caribbean. We are now the most desired employer where graduate lawyers and tax lawyers can further develop in width and depth. ”
“The collaboration was given the green light after independent research into the cultures of both organizations,” De Vries and Meriaan say. “You can fit together on paper, but in the end there must be a real click. This revealed a shared vision of the future. We cherish a working environment where pleasure feeds performance and we want to create the conditions that encourage you to get the best out of yourself. This is how we deliver on our promise to our customers: Always there. ”