Prime Minister Romeo Marlin expresses dismay over fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

– Upon learning the news of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin expressed sadness over the incident. “My thoughts are with the citizens of France and the worldwide community of the Catholic Church, it is very sad to see the Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames. This historic building symbolizes the strength and longevity of the Catholic faith and its believers”, said Prime Minister Leona Romeo Marlin.

The Notre dame Cathedral is one of the most notable monuments in Paris. This Catholic treasure is over 800 years old. It is located on a small island called the “Ile de la Cite” in the middle of the River Seine. The building of the cathedral was completed over the course of 200 years; it was started in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345.

Prime Minister Romeo Marlin concluded by saying, “Today we have lost an iconic symbol of strength and faith, I pray for the people of France and the Catholic Church as we await the next step for this irreplaceable edifice in city of Paris.”