Prime Minister Romeo Marlin encourages the public to be responsible and uphold an healthy code of conduct during this years Carnival season.

During the press briefing which took place on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019, Prime Minister Leona Romeo – Marlin encouraged the general public of St. Maarten, to exercise safety and good behavior during this year’s 50th Carnival celebration.

As an additional caution to the community at large Prime Minister Leona Romeo – Marlin would like to stress the importance of a healthy code and conduct:

This “Golden Jubilee” celebration shows how we as a people have consistently progressed and have now evolved into an ever increasing cultural manifestation for the Caribbean region and beyond. Our Carnival has become a blueprint for many islands and sits at the top of many visitors bucket list around the world. For this we are extremely proud, and as a welcoming nation we are excited to share and create new memories during this time with family, friends and all visitors.

The season of Carnival is significant to our country in many ways, be it social, economic or historical. But most importantly, for many locals, this period simply represents a time of unity, fun, pride and expression of liberty and freedom.

This period not only brings joy to those who proudly state ‘I From Here’, but is also marketed as St. Maarten’s global invitation to the rest of the world, to come and experience the Friendly Island of St. Maarten, during this festive season. I therefore call upon us all, as a nation to remember who we truly are; we are a people of cultural courtesy, kindness, inclusiveness and mutual respect. Let us embody these characteristics during this season, as Carnival offers us the opportunity to remind ourselves as well as the rest of world, that we are a people of character. We know how to enjoy and express part of our culture and have fun while we put safety and integrity first.

Prime Minister Leona Romeo – Marlin would like to encourage all parents and guardians to guide, caution and protect our children from all forms of dangers that they may be exposed to during this season. Let us instill a healthy code of conduct for all youngsters, not only by communicating this with our words but most importantly through our actions and deeds. Let us as adults put in practice what we preach with the keen understanding that youngsters not only follow what we say but also act out what we display.

Students let us set a proper standard that the generation after you and before you will be proud of. Because you are not only the hope of our future but simultaneously you are an example for the next generation of youngsters who will walk in your footsteps. Students, please practice self-control by supporting and protecting one another. I look forward to closing this season by reflecting on the good behavior and proper conduct of our future professionals and leaders. Again, please remember that having fun does not mean losing respect for oneself and for one another. Say no to drugs and please notify the authorities immediately in case you witness any improper or illegal substances or actions being used or traded inside or surrounding the Festival village. Let us be alert to the safety and concerns of all children, friends and loved ones.

To all seniors, adults and representatives of the public and private sector, please remember that it takes a village to raise a child, therefore we all play a vital role in the protection and guidance of all those who are underage. As adults we must also positively encourage our equals to be responsible during the festivals. Please do not over indulge in the use of alcohol and particularly do not drink and drive.

Prime Minister Leona Romeo – Marlin advises the general public to take up their role in assisting the authorities and law enforcement agents in preventing vulgarity and violence.

Let us all look forward to enjoying this month of festivity together, as we parade in victory and celebration in anticipation of 50 more years of continuous victory as a country and not solely during the carnival season, but throughout the entire year.