GEBE: Strategic Planning Session

NV GEBE announced via press release that the Executive Management Team, (EMT) members were formally invited to attend NV GEBE’s Annual Strategic Planning Session on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at the Simpson Bay Resort.

The session’s primary objective was to include the EMT and other staff members in the development of the organizations’ (5) Year Strategic Business Plan. The Managing Board acknowledged that the input from the EMT and other staff members was instrumental in both gathering and compiling essential information (i.e. data) needed to ensure the Strategic Plan encompassed all the important components required to move NV GEBE forward and stronger in the coming years.

Dr. Natasha Gittens of Training Professionals International, (TPI) acted as the session’s Executive Leadership Coordinator and ensured that the session was structured in a manner that fostered a learning climate, cooperative learning and positive exchange among departments managers and most importantly, focused on achieving the deliverables for the session.

The Managing Board played a vital role in the session by reviewing the status of N.V. GEBE and their reiterating their committed approach to becoming one of the top organizations in the Energy Sector throughout the Caribbean. Their presence and support throughout the session provided the managers with valuable insight on the new best practices in Energy and Water internationally, while simultaneously introducing N.V. GEBE’s new steps to staying apprised of innovative approaches in the Caribbean. Many of the Managers felt that the session was beneficial and commended the Managing Board.

President & CEO, Mr. Chittick stated: “We want N.V. GEBE to become one of the best Water and Energy companies in the Caribbean. For us to do that, we need our managers to assist us with leading our valued employees on a new chartered approach. A better approach not only for N.V. GEBE’s progress but for our stakeholders, our customers and most importantly the St. Maarten community at large.”