Letter to Ruggenaath visit UN SG and Security Council

Hon. Mr. Eugene Rhuggenaath
Prime Minister of Curacao
Fort Amsterdam

July 17, 2018

Subject: Meetings with Secretary-General and Security Council of the United Nations- a historic betrayal of the Antillean peoples

Your Excellency!

We took note that your Excellency conducted meetings with the Secretary General Mr. António Guterres and the Security Council last week at the United Nations Headquarters in New York which will go down in history as a “black mark” , a historic betrayal of our peoples of the Antilles as the Dutch never lived up to their agreed and signed Charter of the United Nations in 1945, which promised and comprised a freedom and equality for all people in the Kingdom.

The Dutch government orchestrated your Excellency mission to mislead and deceive the world, the United Nations, the European Union, Caricom, and the Caribbean and Antillean peoples. This moment is considered as of the same weight as the biggest Dutch lie in history when in 1955 Mr. Johan Beyen as Minister of Foreign Affairs assisted by Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles, Mr Jonckheer, mislead the United Nations that they represented the free people of the Netherlands Antilles, and absolved the Netherlands from reporting obligations and removing us from the list of Non Self-Governing Territories (NSGT), and betrayed us, the descendants of the enslaved and colonized peoples, which inherited and acquired the full rights to freedom and equality as the Dutch in the Netherlands in Europe.

The main themes discussed or addressed at your meeting, were based on the emerging threats of climate change and the possible consequences for our islands. Furthermore the situation with neighboring country Venezuela was questioned about which the Dutch parliament passed a motion last month to seek support from USA, France and Great Britain to build a robust defense. This action was reported by us to the Caribbean region as using us, the ABC islands, as provocation to a peaceful Caribbean seeking unity and integration, towards a possibly armed conflict: a disaster to the Caribbean, worse than the climate threat and hurricanes, as the Caribbean mostly depends on tourism as main economic pillar.

The course of events leading up to the government and the permanent representation of the Netherlands or Kingdom to the United Nations deciding to as a last resort to use our own people, your Excellency, a Prime Minister of a government which the Dutch has the total control over, through their budget, by a Commission of Financial Supervision (CFT) and total control over the Judiciary system, is a shame and mockery to democracy.

Our questions to your Excellency is whether the Secretary General Mr. António Guterres was asked his view on eradication of colonialism and whether the Security Council members main objectives remain to protect human rights and to defend the ones that cannot defend themselves against abuses, and, if they were informed or requested an opinion:

– on the fact that the Dutch government blackmailed, extorted and overthrew a legitimate government in St Maarten after the devastating hurricane last year and forced a new election and will only provide monetary aid for re-construction only if their limited autonomy and democracy and border control is surrendered back to the Dutch government;

-on the un-democratic unilateral action and intervention of the Dutch in Sint Eustatius in February 2018, removal, and overthrow of the legitimate elected democratic governance through abuse of legislative power with the police and military force on standby, and appointment of a non-democratic colonial ruler and government ruling the Statian people;

-on the recent mid-May adopted motion of your own Curacao parliament majority condemning the Dutch intervention on Sint Eustatius which your Excellency party did not support and did not show solidarity and brotherhood towards your own Caribbean sister island;

– on the situation on your sister island Bonaire where the people are being ruled in a status against their wishes that they democratically and legally rejected and that the Bonerian people became a minority on their own island in short space of time since the open immigration and illegal annexation on October 10, 2010, and were embedded under unequal rights in the Dutch Constitution in October 2017 and are facing an systematic process of ethnic cleansing and displacement, an inevitable path of being eradicated?

These are some of the questions or issues which we wished and hoped that you would have raised and brought to the attention of the international community, the United Nations, instead of being a henchmen for the Dutch against your own people to help to destroy the Caribbean in the same way your predecessors destroyed the Antilles on 10-10-10. As silence to injustice is consenting to injustice, in your silence on the violation of your fellow brothers and sisters’ fundamental rights as declared by United Nations, your Excellency is consenting to crimes against humanity.

Finally, as our history has taught us that the Dutch mastered the divide-and-rule game, have institutionalized colonialism and racism, and have rewarded up today the traitors of their own people for being loyal to the Dutch government with Royal con-decorations and positions of power and income, we can only hope that your Excellency will realize that our only salvation as Antillean-Caribbean people is by uniting back with our own people and reject this new wave of Dutch re-colonization, and we hope that your Excellency as a leader, a prime minister, will respect, protect and comply with the rights of us, your brothers and sisters, the Antillean people.




James Finies, Bonaire




C.c. United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres
United Nations Security Council Members
Parliament and Government of the Netherlands
Parliament of Curacao
Parliament of Aruba
Parliament of St Maarten