TelEm says everyone benefits from TelCell’s new “Want more Get more” campaign

TelEm Group’s mobile voice and data provider TelCell, is throwing the spotlight on the company’s pre-paid and post-paid data services in a brand new campaign to attract new customers and reward current customers more.
Starting Monday, TelEm is promoting its “Want More Get More” campaign in all media outlets, starting with the launch of an upgraded pre-paid data plan.
“Our customers already know they can come to TelCell for “More” data and “More” voice services and deals, but with our new campaign we are still giving “More” but for much, much “less” said Manager, Marketing & Sales, Grisha Heyliger-Marten.

She said the new campaign is building on a continuing trend of customers requesting more data usage, especially while on the go.
“We have seen the demand for our data buckets increase exponentially in the past year, especially with the launch of our LTE/4G service,” continued Grisha.
She said as of Monday, new pre-paid data plans will apply and instead of the existing five pre-paid data plans, TelCell is now offering a streamlined four pre-paid data plans with new prices to match new data amounts.
Grisha has revealed that plans are also in the offing to give a better deal with Post-paid customers as of July 1, 2018, when TelEm will continue with its “Want more Get more” campaign – this time with specially designed plans for Juniors up to the age of 21 years and Seniors of 60 plus in age, who will now get their own “SMARTIE Plan”.