Bridging Financial Innovation and Regulation Seminar 2018

Willemstad – On the 28th and 29th of June, 2018, the Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten (CBCS), in collaboration with CINEX, will be hosting the Bridging Financial Innovation and Regulation Seminar 2018. During this event, several renowned guest speakers, such as Paul Andrews (Secretary General at IOSCO), Gabriel Abed (Bitt Inc), Jerry Hultin (Global Future Group), Olivier Rikken (Blockchain & Smart Contract Expert) en Ryan Peterson (Centrale Bank Aruba) will discuss the latest technological innovations in the financial services sector within the boundaries of local regulation.

The rapid pace of technological and digital change demands a new mindset worldwide. These changes also affect our economy. By embracing and applying these developments, we promote new products and -financial- services. They provide an opportunity for countries to gain a competitive advantage and achieve a higher level of growth. Moreover, these developments contribute to a more financially inclusive community.

The CBCS acknowledges the need and demand for innovative products and services and embraces the recent technological developments, provided that they fit within the international framework of standards and principles. During the Bridging Financial Innovation and Regulation Seminar we will approach these innovations from several different perspectives.

Seminar program During the morning session on Thursday, June 28th, we will address the topics FinTech (such as blockchain and smart applications) and RegTech (regulatory technology). These topics are becoming increasingly popular, but what do they really mean and what do they have in common? These sessions are open to the public and free of charge, and will be livestreamed to the CBCS Facebook page.

The morning sessions will be followed by a luncheon with guest speaker Mr. Paul Andrews of the IOSCO. Mr. Andrews will address recent developments that are already behind us and expectations for the near future. A USD55 fee is applicable for attending this luncheon.

The program on Friday, June 29th, is aimed at the financial services sector and regional (securities) regulators and will elaborate on technological developments vs. regulation. During the lunch, the Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, Dr. I. Steven Martina, will give a lecture on Smart Cities, the partnership between the private and public sector. A USD100 fee is applicable for this day.

Due to the limited availability of seats, registration is required to ensure your participation. To register, please visit as of June 8, 2018.