CPA condemns Dutch illegal ovethrow of democratic elected government of St Eustatius

The Caribbean Progressive Alliance (CPA), an association formed during a meeting of COPPPAL on St Maarten , in May 2017, with as members organizations from the remaining non-self governing countries in general, globally and regionally, with a particular emphasis on the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.
Counted among our growing members are Puerto Rico, San Andres, Providenciales and U.S. Virgin Islands, B.V.I., The French and Dutch overseas territories.
The CPA has followed with consternation and disbelief the treatment meted out by the Dutch government on the people of the former Netherlands Antilles, especially the BES islands of Bonaire and St. Eustatius. Over the past seven years the Dutch government has done everything within its power, to frustrate and obstruct the proper functioning of the duly elected governments on these islands.
Through instruments such as but not limited to instructions to the Lt. Governor, overreach by an appointed Kingdom Representative , who is a civil servant, with authority bestowed by the Dutch government to block and or delay any legitimate actions of government that the Dutch don’t approve of.
Additionally, the Dutch government has proceeded to anchor these islands into the Dutch constitution against the wishes of the peoples as expressed in referenda held on both islands.
The Dutch government while not living up to any agreement or complying with its obligations vies@vies the islands socially, economically or politically, have decided unilaterally without dialogue or consultation with the duly elected government of St Eustatius to put aside the will of the people, via a measurer of higher supervision and administer the island by an administrative commissioner appointed by the Dutch.
This action is not keeping with the principles of democracy or in accordance with the United Nations Charter which prescribes a full measure of self government.
The CPA vehemently opposes this undemocratic and draconian action of the Dutch government, in the unjust take-over of the St Eustatius government and the setting aside of the duly elected members of the island council and the appointed commissioners.
For the good order we wish to perfectly make clear , we condemn and reject this action as illegal, draconian and without merit or justification, and we stand in solidarity with our sister island in its struggle for justice and the right to a full measure of self government.
We shall therefore seek redress in cooperation with St Eustatius by all legal means available to us.