CBS: Launch National Accounts Survey 2016 in Caribbean Netherlands

For the next months, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) will carry out a survey on production revenues and costs in the Caribbean Netherlands: the National Accounts Survey 2016. The survey aims to show the economic development on the three islands. The organisations on the islands will be approached by CBS to complete the questionnaire.

On Saba and Sint Eustatius all organisations that are economically active will be approached by CBS. On Bonaire, a large part of the investigation will be based on available resources, in order to reduce the burden on the organisations as much as possible. A small part of the organisations on Bonaire will be addressed through a letter, since CBS is not able to obtain the information of these organisations through other sources. The results of the survey will be published in the third quarter of 2018.

Some results of the 2015 survey:

• The size of Bonaire’s economy (GDP) amounted to 415 million USD in 2015. The GDP of St Eustatius was 102 million USD and Saba’s GDP was 47 million USD. The per capita GDPs for Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba were 21,700 USD, 26,600 USD and 24,900 USD respectively.
• Year-on-year economic growth figure for Bonaire was 3.0 percent, for St Eustatius 2.1 percent and for Saba 1.6 percent.

CBS is required by Law to treat all information collected as strictly confidential.

CBS would like to thank all selected organisations in advance for their cooperation and, if necessary, is available to assist when completing the questionnaire.

For further information and questions please contact our office on Bonaire.