Minister of Justice commends law enforcement on apprehension

Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever commends the Sint Maarten Police Force as well as other law enforcement entities with respect to the apprehension of two men who were classified as armed and very dangerous.
The two individuals with initials V.E.B and F.J. were apprehended in the area of Oyster Pond on February 1. The arrests was made in connection with two on-going major criminal investigations called ‘Toermalijn’ and ‘Droomkwartz.’
The community were also very helpful with the information that they provided to authorities that led to the apprehension of the aforementioned.
“I take this opportunity to commend our men and women in blue for all the work that they do on a daily basis with limited resources that they have. I pray for their safety every day.
“The apprehension of dangerous criminals is a very positive development for the community. It means two less dangerous persons in our communities. I commend our community for speaking out and working with our law enforcement entities which is very important.
“Fighting crime is not just an effort of law enforcement, but an entire effort of the community, and this leads to results,” Minister of Justice Cornelius de Weever said on Monday.