Landfill Fire: Minister of Education visits other schools in Cay Hill to assess situation

Due to the fire at the Pond Island landfill, the Minister of Education Jorien Wuite visited the Asha Stevens Hillside Christian School and the Learning Unlimited Preparatory School in Cay Hill to assess the situation regarding landfill smoke, and in collaboration with school managers the decision was taken for the two schools to remain open as the winds have since shifted and the smoke does not pose a threat at this moment.
Minister Wuite also visited on Monday morning schools in the Philipsburg area, and based on the site visits to the five schools in the area (St. Joseph Primary School, Sr. Borgia Primary School, Oranje Primary School, Marie Genevieve de Weever School Cycle 1 and 2 and Sundial High School), Minister Wuite in close consultation with Prime Minister Romeo Marlin started preparations to allow students to leave school early as smoke relating to the fire on the landfill continues to be worrisome. A notice with respect to the aforementioned was communicated to the community on Monday morning.
Students of the primary schools were released into the care of their parents or guardians and the Minister urged all businesses to allow employees to collect their children and make proper childcare arrangements.
The Minister of Education Wuite remains in close contact with the Prime Minister and all relevant authorities, and will continue to provide updates as they become available.

The Fire Department, is advising persons living downwind from the landfill fire, to close windows and doors, especially persons who have a respiratory challenge such as asthma, or shortness of breath.

The Fire Department along with the company responsible for the management of the landfill are working diligently to extinguish the fire.