Public Schools receive school supplies

The seven public schools, namely Marie Genevieve de Weever School, Oranje School, Prins Willem Alexander School, Martin Luther King Jr. School, Leonald Conner School, Ruby Labega School and St. Maarten Vocational Training School, which fall directly under the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, through the Division Public Education (DPE), have been received their school supplies, which are a part of the emergency aid sent from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) in the Netherlands. The schools, after much assessments, provided, like other subsidized schools, a list of emergency school items, for both the classroom and office. The public schools received the items on Tuesday, November 28th. The schools received similar items as the subsidized schools received such as laptops, filing cabinets, pens, paper, trollies to assist with moving boxes, tables, chairs, and many more items that will aid in the teachers and staff bouncing back better and ensure our students are provided a positive and conducive learning environment post Hurricane Irma.