Approximately 200 attend Successful Cruise sector Stakeholders Sessions

Approximately 200 persons from the public and private sectors attended two-days of cruise sector stakeholder sessions last week organized by Port St. Maarten, in preparation for December cruise ship calls.
The stakeholder sessions attracted various companies from the private sector that included jewelers, taxi associations, tour companies, excursionists, dive shop operations, small hotel sector, restaurants, watersports, media, and many other hospitality related businesses that cater to the cruise sector. Employees from Port St. Maarten also took part as well as civil servants from several government departments including the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau.
The objective of the cruise passenger experience sessions were to prepare the aforementioned entities for December cruise ship post-Irma calls.
“The sessions for cruise sector stakeholders were a huge success and underscores the destinations eagerness to return to business in the right manner.  The interests was very high and those who attended were upbeat and ready to welcome the first cruise passengers back to the island.
“We need to maintain the momentum and we encourage everybody to continue to prepare for the first and subsequent cruise ship calls that are planned for December and 2018,” Port St. Maarten Management said on Monday.
Port St. Maarten organized two stakeholders’ cruise experience sessions on November 17th and 18th.  These sessions took place at the Port St. Maarten Cruise Terminal Building Conference room, and each session was 45 minutes.
Former cruise line executive Mico Cascais of Carnival Cruise Line, was the key presenter who provided information and tips to prepare cruise tourism stakeholders on the alignment of the cruise guest expectations with the current story and the experience they need to deliver when the first guests arrive, as well as the significance of the first cruise ship call which will shape future calls to the destination.
Mico Cascais, is a 30 year veteran of the Cruise Industry both in Ship Board Management and Corporate Management. The past 19 Years Mico was responsible for the Shore Excursion Programs, Carnival Cruise Lines offered to all its guests worldwide having had many interactions with current stakeholders in St. Maarten over the years.
Additionally, Mico was also Chairman of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) Shore Excursion Committee for the past 18 years, traveling vastly through the Caribbean as part of this Committee.
Mico is currently the Principal of Mico Cascais, Inc. a company focused on reshaping the story and experiences cruise guests will enjoy when sailing in the Caribbean.