UP rejects election at this time, but full slate ready

The board of the United People’s Party (UP) has condemned the call by the Prime Minister and Leader of the National Alliance, William Marlin, to call an election on January 8th, 2018.
“An election now on St. Maarten at a time when  people are without roofs or even homeless is unacceptable,” the UP board said.
The Electoral Council, the Central Voting Bureau, and Postal Services St. Maarten have all indicated that they are not at an optimal standard to ensure full compliance since the passage of Hurricane Irma on September 6th.
The UP board questions if the voter’s registry been closed and if so when? Will provisions be made for residents displaced, temporarily residing abroad, due to the storm be able to vote? How will Government assist PSS with ensuring a successful distribution of the voting cards?”
“Our people are in need of a Government who is committed to the proper rebuilding of this country and ensuring that true empathy and compassion  is shown to the people that reside here,” the UP board added.
Despite being against elections at this time, the board made it clear, “Our list is ready to go with a full slate of capable persons ready to serve”.
The PM has tried to justify during the press release of Wednesday last that somehow it is in the best interest of our nation to head to the polls at this time. “We would like to know if the sum of Naf. 661.482,00 could not have been used to help rebuild schools, homes, our hospital or the prison instead of elections at this time”.
While we do not favor an election at this time, if called to go to the polls we firmly believe in the power of the vote and the importance for the populous to exercise their right to vote.”
“We implore the people of St. Maarten to remember the failed leadership of this Government headed by the Honorable Prime Minister William Marlin when going to the polls to vote”.
“Ensure St. Maarten is truly put first during this time for recovery,” the UP board concluded