Visit Dutch Fire Department to Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade

At the end of April both the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the Dutch Fire Brigade visited the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade. This visit forms part of the strategy of the Dutch Fire Brigade to orient itself more overseas in the coming period. The agreements on this visit were made during the last Fire Congress in Twente between the President Netherlands Fire Services Mr. Stephan Wevers and the General Commander of BKCN, Mr. Jair Tromp.


During the hectic multi-day programme in various sessions a large number of topics arose that are relevant to both parties. This is how BKCN received an extensive explanation of the developments within the fire field in the European Netherlands and could paint a good impression of the Brigade and its challenges.


As a result of the visit concrete follow-up appointments were made in a number of areas including the provision of information in the direction of BKCN, possible temporary staff support from the Netherlands and educating and training of particularly fire officers


Quote General Commander: “BKCN is honored with the visit of Mr. Wevers and Mr. Kransen and we have every confidence that closer cooperation will result in opportunities for both parties”.