Minister Lee commends SZV for Increased Collections

Minister responsible for Public Health, Emil Lee took a moment to commend SZV on their improved  performance regarding collection. They have collected 28 million guilders more than the amount that they had initially projected for collections in 2016 . “This is very much the fruit of the labor we have been working so hard on. Increasing compliance has been a  priority within the last year, and I can safely say on behalf of the Council of Ministers that it remains a key focal point moving forward for this Government . Minister Lee further emphasized that compliance with the law should be the path of least resistance and noncompliance must have consequences. “If we want to live in a  society that is sustainable this is a fundamental principle that needs to be enshrined in everything that we do,  and I am happy to confirm that this remains a priority for Government.”

We have already had a number of discussion amoung the Council of Ministers about the need to cooperate cross- ministries in terms of sharing information and in particular how to improve compliance over all,” stated Minister Lee at press briefing on Wednesday.