Pearl FM along with Nipa and Carl’s and Sons Unique Bakery gives an early Christmas treat to New Start Home .

On Wednesday afternoon two representatives from 98.1 Pearl FM presented one of the foster homes by the name of New Start Home with a early Christmas treat . This is our second year that we are giving a selected foster home with a nice Christmas treat.
Ms. Darnet who is currently one of the helpers at New Start Home gladly excepted the goods that were prepared courtesy of the students and instructor at Nipa which were a ham , a stuffed turkey and a bread pudding.
Also along with this wonderful contribution Carl’s And Sons Unique Bakery donated bread as an ingredient to make the bread pudding and stuffing.
We would like to thank the students and instructors at Nipa and Carl’s and Sons Unique Bakery for being part of this wonderful Christmas treat to New Start Home.
You can visit our Facebook page to see a short video of our presentation by our representatives Lady-Tifa and Lady-Destiny to Ms. Darnet .