TelEm Group proudly flying the flag for St. Maarten’s Day Friday

Their offices may be closed for the day, Friday November 11, but TelEm  Group counted on making a big patriotic impression all week with their customers, the general public and their own personnel to mark St. Maarten’s Day – Friday.

The company’s offices have been colourfully decorated in Red, White and Blue and adorned with the St. Maarten flag.

Company vehicles have been brightly decorated, and staff are proudly displaying mini flag broaches and pins on their clothing to bring even more attention to their celebration of the day.

As well as the flags, TelEm  Group workers and customers will be sporting a St. Maarten’s Day T-shirt specially designed by local graphic artist Loic Bryan, and featuring a pelican and sun combined with a flag and telecommunication equipment in a creative and fun motif.

TelEm Group’s Customer Relations team have received some encouraging words from customers and members of the public for their patriotic displays and the extra effort they have taken to promote the island’s national day.

Wall decorations in Grande Marche branch.
Wall decorations in Grande Marche branch.

At least one group of workers, The “TelEm Red Warriors” have been preparing for one part of the day for the past several weeks – the annual St. Maarten’s Day Round the Island Relay Race.


According to race team member Jesus Richardson, the team went on a trial run around the island last week and were satisfied with their performance considering the limited time they trained this year.


“We are seeking to improve on our time last year and we are confident we will do that,” Jesus said, urging members of staff to turn out along the route to cheer on the Red Devils and give them some much-needed support and encouragement.

 Flags are on display at the Simpson Bay Branch.

Flags are on display at the Simpson Bay Branch.

The team members from last year are: Eion Gumbs, Paul Hodge, Elvis Lacroes, Marit Beishuizen, Guillaume Bendanon, Joan Verwoord and Jesus Richardson, who are joined this year by new team members, Derk-Jan Duinkerken (HR), Shawn Sharplis (CSR) and Nathan Lake (Smitcoms).


The TelEm Warriors team captain is Shadira Lont, with Eldred Richardson as the Team Driver and Cresburk Brown from the NOC Dept. as Team Support.