#iamgb video features global Girls’ Brigade transformation stories

The Girls’ Brigade (GB) International has released a video on International Day of the Girl demonstrating how girls feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted as a result of being a member of Girls’ Brigade.

Celebrating its 123rd birthday, Girls’ Brigade is a worldwide faith-based movement focused on working amongst girls and women in around 50 countries. Girls’ Brigade is a fun, confidence building, safe environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and faith exploration, while teaching service to others.

Girls’ Brigade International President Vivienne Aitchison from England shares: ‘Because of being part of the Girls’ Brigade family, girls in Asia, Africa, Caribbean & the Americas, Europe and Pacific have shared that they feel confident, courageous, loved and accepted.

‘Girls around the world say that, because of GB, they experience opportunities to discover what it means to live life to the full! In a world where it can be difficult to be a girl, this is a positive and hope-filled message for GB to share on International Day of the Girl. We are thankful for all of our leaders who are investing in girls and impacting their lives and for God’s faithfulness to us.’

The #iamgb initiative gathered incredible stories of transformation from girls across the world – too many to include in one video. It aims to inspire girls, encourage GB leaders and demonstrate the value of Girls’ Brigade’s ministry.

Kamilah from St. Maarten says: ‘Because of GB I am a servant leader. Community service became a passion; seeing smiles on people’s faces became a love. I am International: Having the opportunity to travel to new places from north, south, east and west. Meeting new faces; learning new cultures; being part of a different history; expanding my horizons.

Bailey (16) from GB New Zealand shares: ‘Because of GB, I feel both accepted and loved. I have been going to GB since I was 7 and grown up with most of the girls and leaders. Words can’t explain the feeling I get when the girls want to see me and hug me and share their week stories.’

GB is a safe place for girls to feel a sense of belonging and have fun as Wong Nok Ching (7) from GB Hong Kong explains: ‘Because of GB, I am happy.’ Leila-May (8) from Girls’ Brigade England & Wales also shares: ‘Because of GB, I have made lots of new friends.’

Girls are also encountering Jesus in new ways through local GB groups. ‘GB has made me into a new person and taught me more about God. I feel confident to tell people about God and what He, through the Girls’ Brigade, has done for me’ says Samantha from GB Jamaica.

In a world where girls are facing increasing levels of low self-esteem, Girls’ Brigade is helping girls discover confidence to overcome obstacles in cultures where being born a girl can be difficult.

Lisah from GB Papua New Guinea shares: ‘Before joining GB, I was a shy girl. Through GB, I’ve learned a lot of things and one of them is how to be confident.’ Chioma, a younger GB leader from Nigeria (where the Chibok girls, 6 of whom are GB members, remain missing), adds: ‘Because of GB, I am empowered, courageous and transformed.’

The #iamgb video is available on the GB International website (www.gbworldwide.org) and facebook page (www.facebook.com/GirlsBrigadeWorldwide) from 11 October 2016. For more info, contact ho**@gb*********.org or se*********@ho*****.com.

If you or your daughter would like to join our international family, Girls’ Brigade meets on St. Maarten at the Bible Baptist Church on the Arch Road every 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 4 pm; and the Philipsburg Methodist Church on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30 pm.