MP Lake would like to thank his true base of supporters

I would like to thank my true base of supporters for putting their confidence in me for this past Parliamentary election
I am very proud of my true base of supporters who stuck with me through thick and thin during this past year. This past campaign was a good learning experience for me with all the negative, slanderous things that was said on the campaign trail by candidates and persons about me I have considered acquaintances for my stand, but my true base of supporters stayed with me.
I also would like to thank my true base of supporters who were honest enough and told me the reason why they would not be voting  for me because of a brother or family member who was a candidate on a different political party slate, and some based on party loyalty. I did better than alot who have get elected on different parties.I took a stand for the people and I am happy with my base of true supporters.
I gave it my best and I am proud to say I did it with not much sponsors but by hard work and sharing my vision to improve our economy and empowering our people to live comfortable in their lovely island.
My purpose in life will always be helping people and creating opportunities for everyone within the community in which I will continue to assist in the future
In closing, thanks again for giving me that opportunity for serving you in the general interest of our island. The good Lord knows the heart and this experience only makes me much wiser and stronger as a Leader within the community.
I wish the new Coalition much success and I will continue my works within the community and continue to address the real issues that is affecting our people.