JCI-Antigua Seeks Partnerhip with Keoma La. Hamer

JOHN ANTIGUA/ PHILIPSBURG– with esteemed recommendation from management of The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean Inc.; Junior Chamber International-Antigua seeks partnership with Keoma La. Hamer, Social Enhancer and Founder of The KeLaHa Projects Organization.


JCI-Antigua invites Hamer to become their partner in service to humanity and requests her participation in this year’s symposium by being listed as one of their speakers. After discussions with management of TCCEC and further research on her works and efforts, makes Hamer a perfect candidate for partnership in assisting JCI-Antigua to increase Cervical Cancer Awareness and propelling the movement which focuses on creating positive change within our society.


Over the past years Keoma La. Hamer as vowed herself to the realizing of social ills by creating platforms, program and initiatives to counteract such especially as it relates to cervical cancer & HPV. Hamer’s profound work has made her much sought after having maintaining a presence of great impact not only locally but regionally and internationally as well. Last November she was invited to speak at the United Nation’s Headquarters in New York City for their first annual Women Entrepreneurship Day celebrations. Being listed as one of the main panelist; Hamer creatively incorporated the celebration of women entrepreneurs and cervical cancer allowing her to speak on “the Sustainability of Women as a means of stabilizing and growing our economy”. It was too on this day King Alexander of The Netherlands was also attending a separate event at The UN Headquarters and learnt of Hamer’s presence before requesting to meet with her personally.


The KeLaHa Projects, the community based organization founded and governed by Hamer is the very first organization on the Island of St. Maarten/ St. Martin to speak of Cervical Cancer and the burden it places on our community. Her works and commitments to social development, cervical cancer & HPV Awareness and enhancing people’s life experiences has made Hamer notably profound in her field.


Hamer is listed as one of the five (5) presenters of this year’s JCI-Antigua & The Cancer Centre Eastern Caribbean’s  (TCCEC) Cancer Awareness Symposium which falls under the Campaign entitled “Cancer: My Business, Your Business, OUR Business”. The symposium is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 1st in St. John’s Antigua.