CPO’s honor most improved students

As the school year comes to an end, the Community Police Officers wrap up the Cops & Kids program which included the One on One sessions where students asked the CPOs about their jobs and more general questions, an Open House where students visited the Main Station in Philipsburg and learned about a couple of departments within KPSM, The Sports Day which allowed schools to competitively exhibit their skills, talents and athleticism, and The Great Debate which allowed students to face their fears, enhance and practice their public speaking skills.


The program came to an end for the school year with the most improved student being honoured at their respective schools.  D.A. Chandler, S.P. Crispulo, E.S.  Josepha, S.P. Carty and. P.S. Bell brought the Cops & Kids program to a close as they visited the Seventh Day Adventist School, Sr. Regina Primary School and the Leonald Connor School in school ceremonies to make the presentations to the unsuspecting students. The three students, Julie Isaac (S.D.A.), Ronesha Joaquin (REG) and Nikisha Jean (LCS) were each selected by the school management team based on their performance and persistence during their school career.  Doing away with the tradition, Cops & Kids instead shined the light on students who put in the effort and made great strides during the year. These students already know what it means to work hard, they have faced and survived disappointment and they have persevered. They have the right mix of ingredients and experience to be great leaders.  The students were encouraged to continue working hard in secondary school and following through on their commitments. The outstanding students received a laptop which was donated by varying businesses that supported the program. The importance of a laptop to a high school student cannot be understated as their academic responsibilities increase.


Cops & Kids would like to thank the business who invested in the success of these students with their donation of a laptop as well as those businesses who invested in the program for the benefit of the participating schools. Heartfelt thanks are extended to Sol Antilles N. V., Prime Distributors, Palapa Marina, Megaplex 7, and Office World for their generous donations of the trophies, laptops and use of facilities. The Community Police Officers extend congratulations to all graduates and wish them continued success in their tenure as secondary school students.