RM Concept- Print N Go donates bumper stickers to Art Saves Lives Foundation

ASL Ambassadors selling bumper stickers as part of their 2015 fundraising drive~
Philipsburg, St. Maarten – Art Saves Lives Foundation was honored to receive bumper
stickers from RM Concept for use in their 2015 fundraising drive.
Mr. Raymond Mazzola made the donation on behalf of RM Concept. Art Saves Lives is a proud
customer of Print N Go, And Print Tees part of the RM Concept Company for the past two years.
Ms. De Weever expressed her thanks to Mr. Mazzola for the generous donation and was especially
grateful for the work Print N Go’s Jay Echteld, and Print Tees’ Angela Mazzola have done and
continues to do for the organization.

ASLP has raised funds for almost a year in order to bring the event to fruition to serve local youth
who are interested in a career in the arts and strengthen the performing arts on St. Maarten. The
week long program begins June 29, 2015. Bumper stickers are on sale for $5 from ASL
ambassadors or from any ASL staff member.