Governor pays working visit to Ruby Labega Primary School

His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday paid a working visit to the Ruby Labega Primary School on Thursday, March 5, 2015. This working visit is part of the Governor’s program to obtain a firsthand view of developments in the community and forms part of his objective to promote Education, Culture and Sustainable development. Upon arrival he received a warm welcome from the pupils who sang the school song. Thereafter the Governor was invited to take a shot from the free throw line to start a short basketball game in which the pupils demonstrated their skills. During the visit the Governor was informed about developments and a number of programs at the school by the school manager, Mrs. Esther Jeffers-Cannegieter, deputy school Manager Ms. Gustina Lake and other staff members. Governor Holiday concluded his visit with an extensive tour of all the classes of the school  interacting with and answering questions from the pupils. In his discussions with the pupils he emphasized the importance of education and good behaviour. The Governor participated in an interactive class of group 8, where the students showcased what they knew about the role of the Governor. The class ended with the students asking questions to the Governor of the about the role of the Governor such as what the day to day activities of the Governor are and also what the challenges the Governor encounters. Governor Holiday concluded his working visit by expressing his appreciation to the School manager and her staff for the important contribution they are making to Sint Maarten through the education of our youth.