Dredging and Filling in Simpson Bay Lagoon Halted

Activity has Consequences on Environment. Recurring Failure to Provide Permits



During a scheduled Nature Foundation Marine Patrol on Saturday February 28th Nature Foundation Manager Tadzio Bervoets noticed significant dredging and filling in occurring from a barge anchored in the Cole Bay section of the Simpson Bay Lagoon.


Upon further inspection no documents or permits could have been provided by the operator of the equipment nor was there any information available on the nature of the works that were being carried out. Contact was made with the head inspector of the Maritime Affairs department who was picked up by the Nature Foundation Patrol Vessel Yellowtail and proceeded to board the barge carrying out the dredging work. The operator on the dredge failed to present the necessary documents and the order was given to halt all activities while the investigation into the dredging and filling occurred.


The Nature Foundation would like to reiterate that dredging and filling of the Simpson Bay Lagoon or any wetland has significant consequences for the Marine Environment and should be done within strict environmental parameters. All activities should have the necessary permits and documentation in place in the event vessels, barges or machinery is boarded and inspected. Failure to do so can result in a closure of operations.