Motorcycle riders collide with police vehicle.

On Sunday December 14th at approximately 04.30 p.m. on the Airport road two motorcycle riders were given a “stop sign” by police in order for their documents to be checked. Neither of the vehicles had a license plate. The riders did adhere to the order and increased their speed in order to get away from the officers. The Central Dispatch was informed what was going and another patrol that was in the immediate area heard what was going on set up a road block in the vicinity of Hertz Car Rental. The scooter riders were riding at such high speed lost control of their scooter when they encountered the road block. Both riders collided with parked vehicle causing quite some damage to the front end of the police vehicle L-10 and falling causing minor injuries such as bruise and scratches to themselves. The suspects stated that the fled from police because they did not have any documents for the motorcycles. They were treated o the scene by paramedics and then taken to the police station for questioning. The traffic department is finalizing the investigation.