St. Maarten Cable TV And CableNet Update On Service Restoration Progress

St. Maarten Cable TV and CableNet’s technical team and office staff continue to work around the clock on fully restoring service. While areas fed by St. Maarten Cable TV’s underground plant were unharmed, customers from other areas are still experiencing the loss of Cable TV and Internet service from damages caused by Hurricane Gonzalo.

The aftermath of Hurricane Gonzalo has left St. Maarten Cable TV with six damaged satellite dishes. To date, there are 87 television channels out of a total of 138 back on air. The 50 Music channels and 6 Pay Per View channels were never affected.  St. Maarten Cable TV anticipates that the remaining channels will be restored in the coming days and periodic updates on the network will be sent via the media.

Managing Director, Beulah Jonis stated, “Our technical department is working tirelessly to fully restore service to all areas. Some areas are awaiting GEBE electrical company to plant poles before St. Maarten Cable TV’s technical team proceeds.” Jonis continues, “The major damages to the network are to our secondary cables’ Figure-8 Feeder and to our drop cables. Areas that have major feeder cable damages are Dutch Quarter, Sucker Garden, Mary’s Fancy and Saunders (Hill), South Reward, St. Peters and Cole Bay area.” Crews have started working in the Sucker Garden, ColeBay, Cay Hill and St. Peters areas since last week.

St. Maarten Cable TV customers are advised to turn to TV15 (channel 115) or WGN (channel 104) to verify whether their service has been restored. Another indicator is if their TV Guide channel is on. If ‘No Data’ is displayed on the TV Guide channel, it is an indication that the customer is either experiencing an area outage or an individual service problem.

Customers who are experiencing service problems and have not already reported it are encouraged to do so by submitting an email to with their account number, address and contact number. Customers may also call St. Maarten Cable TV’s Madame Estate office at 542-4361 but response time may be affected by the high volume of incoming calls.

Jonis concluded, “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused as we continue to repair our equipment to provide optimum service to our customers. St. Maarten Cable TV’s office staff is handling incoming emails and assisting customers as calls are received. Credit will be issued to customers accordingly.”