SAFETY HOUSE BONAIRE vacancy Process Manager

The Safety House
The purpose of the Safety House is making Bonaire safer. To achieve this in the
Safety House worked through the chain partners on a comprehensive approach to care. The target groups are,
yet, young people at risk, nuisance offenders, repeat offenders, perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. this
to prevent suspects from these groups fall into sections commandments go shopping behavior
exhibit or slide into crime. The activities in the Safety House are aimed at preventing
of crime and reducing recidivism; the reduction and prevention of nuisance; the
form a reliable information hub and optimizing the chain,
so prevention – Connect aftercare to optimum levels – repression.
The mission of the Safety House Bonaire reads: Security through cooperation.
The vacancy of process manager
The Safety House Bonaire has a vacancy for the post of process manager for 0.6 FTE. We are
looking for someone who wants to perform for the duration of one year, this position on December 1, 2014
to extend by one year the contract. option The project by the Ministry of V & J,
yet, granted for a period of 2 years.
The preference is for a candidate with experience within the BES.
placement Construction
The process manager is employed by the Probation Foundation Caribbean Netherlands (SRCN). the
Selection Committee is composed of several participants from the care and justice system.
Salary costs are reimbursed by the grant from the Ministry of V & J, which is housed at
the interdepartmental funds of the public body Bonaire.
Probation Caribbean Netherlands Bonaire l l l Sint Eustatius Saba
The Galleries Shopping Mall l Kaya L. D. Gerhart 8 l Bonaire
T + (599) 717-3288 l F + (599) 717-3287
Job profile
Process Manager General
The Process Safety House is tasked to work (as yet for the target groups
youth at risk, nuisance offenders, repeat offenders and perpetrators and victims of domestic violence) to
This is the process manager responsible for the organization, implementation and quality of the
work in the Safety House.
This will involve:
– Chairing safety home case consultations and the Steering Committee
– Monitoring that results-oriented agreements are made in the safety house case consultations
through individual plans of action and
– That results are achieved within the agreed time. (The case management lags
the implementing organization).
If there are signs that the case does not sufficiently effective progress consult the Process
with the case manager and search together for solutions to promote progress. the
Process Manager has a connecting and facilitating role. If persistent stagnation has
process manager a role in monitoring progress. If necessary, he / she can scale up to the supply chain manager.
This could possibly scale up to the management of the partner organization.
The process manager is also responsible for recording the results-oriented agreements and
results achieved. Bottlenecks identified in the practices that require policy or
strategic changes the process manager reports to the management of on-chain partner.
The process manager has no hierarchical position with respect to the case of directors / executive employees,
which remains obviously invested within the organization. The tasks of process and
to carry out monitoring of progress is mandate / agreement of all the organizations
condition, capture the cooperation agreement.
Probation Caribbean Netherlands Bonaire l l l Sint Eustatius Saba
The Galleries Shopping Mall l Kaya L. D. Gerhart 8 l Bonaire
T + (599) 717-3288 l F + (599) 717-3287
tasks process manager
– Chairing safety house case consultation and steering committee
– Define target in consultation with the Steering Committee
– Prepare draft covenant
– Monitoring quality case consultations (to be result-oriented agreements)
– Research into appropriate registration
– Studies inventory current forms of consultation and effectiveness
– Prickle partners. Innovative / innovative proceed
– Monitoring Attn agreements
– Practical daily operational management
– Identify areas for improvement in existing processes / evaluation
– (Take care) record appointments and achievements
– Between Evaluation and final report (including recommendations for applicability to Saba & Sint.
– HBO working and thinking level (preferably in agogics e / o legal direction)
– Flexible
– Knowledge and understanding of backgrounds of the target groups
– Knowledge of the social security card and roles and responsibilities of partners
– Knowledge of judicial and care chains
– Bound and facilitating attitude
– Results-oriented; able with various parties jointly intended result to
formulation and then to distribute it to also realize that the functions result
– Eye and understanding of the different perspectives of the various participating
organizations / partners
– Eye and understanding for tough processes difficult target groups
– Inventive and creatively to break barriers and to carry (new) solutions
– Independent; Narratives independently; able to speak to partners
agreed arrangements; coordinating and where necessary escalating (via the supply chain manager to
management of the partner organizations) to achieve the results
– Incentive / tingling; gets the best out of the participants and manages to create an atmosphere
coming up with innovative and smart interventions promotes
– Knowledge of organizational development and environment of police, prosecution,
Public Administration, Guardianship, Juvenile and family and family supervision, Probation and
Probation Caribbean Netherlands Bonaire l l l Sint Eustatius Saba
The Galleries Shopping Mall l Kaya L. D. Gerhart 8 l Bonaire
T + (599) 717-3288 l F + (599) 717-3287
– Organizations of the Public Body. Knowledge of social, political and administrative
matters. Knowledge of security issues. Knowledge and understanding of the
administrative processes and control procedures
– Style works: proactive, collaboration, creative, and steering can serviceverlenend
occur. In perspective and with humor
– Skills: situational awareness, judgment, sensitivity, planning and organizing,
social skills, outgoing and analytical skills.
To deal with local administrative relationships and dynamics.
– Education: Bachelor degree
performance indicators
1 A clear process which is recognized both internally and externally that for each (e)
client (system) a comprehensive and realistic plan of action plan is being implemented and by whom
it is carried out.
2 An in-and external shared consensus on good cooperation and its usefulness.
3 Identifiable cases where successful interventions have occurred as a result of
the process and the co-operation.
4 Signalement bottlenecks and solutions
Scale 11/12 (indicative)
The position is a contract of 24 hours per week min $ 3030, -.., Max $ 4197, – gross per month
on a fulltime basis.
The function has yet to be definitively described and valued. The salary range is 11/12 scale.
The aim is to fill the function initially, and at least for one year
the possibility of an extension of 1 year.
You can apply up to 3 November 2014 You can send your letter of motivation and your CV mail to:
Further information on the content of the job and how to proceed:
Mrs. E. R. Barelds (
Mr. M. Mauricio (