MLK to have new playground for Cycle one students — Johnson calls on community to support

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School which is located in the district of Dutch Quarter will soon start with their plans to create a new playground for their Cycle one students. “The initial discussions have commenced and we will be executing this plan within the shortest possible time,” remarked School Manager Stuart Johnson.

School Management is working closely with the Parent Teacher Foundation (PTF) of the school to ensure this project is successfully completed. “I need to thank our PTF President, Ms. Malaine Dublin for her ongoing support to our school with her amazing team and the many other individuals who have pledged their support thus far,” Johnson said.

“I am calling on the support of the community and the business community to ensure the final phases of this project is properly completed,” Johnson added. Once completed the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School will be the first public school to have a new and well-equipped playground with sufficient materials for their students. “Our students deserve the best both inside the classroom and outside the classroom,” Johnson stated.

“I made a promise that our school will be the number one public school on St. Maarten and during the past school year we excelled in academics as well as sports. My responsibility is to do my utmost to improve the school in all facets which was entrusted under my leadership and this is possible because of the support of my hardworking colleagues,” Johnson said.

“Help us to ensure all our students are given the same opportunities we had in life and may they be able to reach their God-given potential,” Johnson concluded. Further contact can be made with the PTF President Ms. Malaine Dublin at 5220562 or e-mail of the school: lu************@gm***.com