Chain snatcher arrested

On Tuesday September 16th at approximately 02.45 p.m. a police patrol was sent to Johnnie 2 supermarket in Sucker garden to investigate a case whereby the chain of a man was snatched from his neck. On the scene the officers spoke to a witness who stated that an unknown man had snatched the gold chain from the neck her friend and took off running and he was busy chasing the suspect in the area. A description of the suspect was given to the police who also started a search for the suspect. A short while after the investigating officer saw a man walking in the area fitting the description of the suspect in this case. When this man saw that the police was approaching him he took off running. After a short foot chase by police the suspect was arrested. The suspect with initials R.D. (22) was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody pending further investigation.