2 guns found/One businessman and wife arrested

Based on information reaching the Police Department that a popular island businessman was in the possession of one or more illegal fire-arms; on Wednesday September 17th a police search team went to the popular “Toppers” restaurant located on the Well fare road in Simpson Bay. At that location in the office of that establishment a small fully loaded .22 caliber handgun was found along with a box containing 83 bullets of the same caliber. The suspect with initials H.A.D. (66) was arrested on the spot for the possession of an illegal fire-arm. A second search took place at the home of the suspect, where a fully loaded .38 revolver was found and where the wife of the suspect with initials M.R.D. (48) was also arrested. Both fire-arms were confiscated for further investigation. The suspects were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for questioning. The suspect H.A.D. remains custody in for further investigation while his wife M.R.D. was released after being questioned.