Minister Patricia Lourens-Philip Back to School Message 2014-2015 School Year

Minister of Education & Culture Hon. Patricia Lourens-Philip says the 2014-2015 school year kicks off Monday, August 11 with energy and enthusiasm for what is sure to be a great year for all school-going youth.

“Education of our youth is the greatest opportunity for building a better Sint Maarten. Our children, our youth will become young professionals in various areas who will one day take over from where we left off.

“They will be our Police officers, Doctors, Social workers, Ambulance drivers, Nurses, Hotel and Restaurant managers, Business owners and operators, Bakers, Bank tellers, Secretaries, Politicians, Lawyers, Pilots, Airport and Port workers and many more.

“To the teachers, school staff, parents/guardians, and pupils, I wish you all much success. This is a new beginning, a new school year with new opportunities and new challenges to overcome.

“This stage, the opening of the new school year, marks the building blocks of your journey through education. This takes places every new school year, but at a different level as you have gone over to the next grade. Use this time, this one year period very wisely, because you will want to move on to the next level.

“Parents/guardians, you have a responsibility to support your child’s education during the new school year. Your involvement is key to your child’s success. You have to help with your child’s homework and guide them along the way whenever they request help. Be there for them in their education journey it will make the difference to whether they will succeed or not.

“Teachers invest in our children every day at school. An educated person will be able to achieve his or her goals in life and become productive young citizens of our developing country.

“I recognize the hard work and dedication of our teachers, because this mission is a very important one with great responsibility. In your hands, you are moulding the future generations of professionals that will guide and continue to develop our country in the 21st century. I encourage you to continue giving it your best as you have done in the past.

“Let this new school year be one of the most rewarding experiences for our children, our teachers and our country. Let us raise the standards of excellence,” Minister Patricia Lourens-Philip said on Sunday.