Ambulance Department teams up with Heart & Stroke Foundation on Awareness Campaign

In an effort to bring more awareness to the general public, the St. Maarten Heart & Stroke Foundation in collaboration with the Ambulance Department of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labor has embarked on a joint campaign “Do you know your Heart Attack and Stroke Warning signs”.
Heart attack and Stroke pocket information cards were made given an easy visual step by step demonstration on the signs and symptoms to look for.
The information cards also have the emergency alarm number 912 printed on the cards for easy access to contact the Ambulance Department when such medical emergencies are observed.
Knowing what number to call in the early stage of your heart attack warning signs can make a significant difference in the outcome and treatment.
Research has also shown that even every young children are able to call for assistance when needed.
This awareness project is in keeping with the Get Checked Campaign of the Minister of Public Health in providing information to the general public.