Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School launches new school uniform

— Poised for number #1 Public Education school —

Management of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School has been extremely busy making the necessary academic and infrastructural changes since Stuart Johnson took over the helm of school management by becoming School Manager just under two years ago.

Johnson the youngest School Manager with his dedicated staff and in collaboration with the Education Ministry has been able to make vast improvements at the school which included the repainting of the school campus, the fixing of the school fence, internet in every classroom, the creation of a canteen area, a music classroom and a handicraft classroom. In addition, the school has lead the charge in Public Education by implementing a behavioral program under the guidance of School Guidance Counselor Teacher Jessica Richardson. Also, the school has been able to create an emergency plan under the coordination of Teacher Vida Hodge which has already been presented to Division Public Education.

“We’ve seen major improvements since this new behavioral program has been implemented over the past school year,” remarked Stuart Johnson School Manager of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Primary School.

The school management is pleased to launch the first design of the new school uniform which will be fully implemented by the start of the school year 2014/2015.
“It’s time we usher in a new era at our school as we continue to ensure all our students reach their God-given potential. We together as a team have worked very hard to turn the school around and we are looking forward to starting the new school year mid-August with our accomplishments in our pocket, and more innovation and improvement to come in that period as well,” Johnson stated.
The new uniform will comprise of a new purple colored polo shirt with the embroidered school logo and complemented with a gray pants for the boys or gray skirt for the girls. The new uniform will also include a new gym uniform shirt which will be purple with a large white school logo and complemented by a silver gray sports short pants. The new school uniform will be on sale at Penny’s Department store prior to the start of the new school year.

“Our students has surely proven their abilities both inside and outside of the classroom by placing first in sports at the recently held Public Education Interscholastic Sports Days. In addition to that success, we are even more proud of Zhanica Arrindell who is the top achieving student of Public Education and a student of our school as recognized by Minister of Education Mrs. Patricia Lourens-Philip on Monday evening,” Johnson added.

“I wish to thank the members of the school management team, our school care team, our entire staff, our parents, PTF, our students and everyone who continues to unconditionally support the ongoing projects of our school. We could not celebrate the success of excelling inside and outside of the classroom without your unwavering support and I remain humbled by this,” concluded Johnson.