Foga residents concerned about channel

Channel behind houses at Pendant Cactus Road

Residents of the Foga homes along the Pendant Cactus road in Sucker Garden
contacted Sint Maarten Pride Foundation this past week to express their
worries regarding the widening and upgrading of a trench located behind
their homes. Although members of the community welcome the improvement of
the drainage infrastructure, there are concerns about the proximity of the
channel to their homes and the fact that this could potentially lead to
flooding of the area which is already prone to flooding during heavy rains.
Some families are worried about the structural integrity of their fences due
to the proximity of the excavation works. The Foga residents are therefore
calling on the Ministry of VROMI to have the route of the channel shifted a
few more meters away from their fences, yards and homes. Sint Maarten Pride
Foundation has since forwarded the residents’ concerns to the Ministry of