Sustainable management and a good catch for the Bonaireans: research on fishing Bonaire

From September 16th 2013 to January 5th 2014 Roald Lark and Patrick Slijkerman are present on Bonaire to investigate the fish caught and the gear used.  

These students coastal and marine management will continue the research of the previous fisheries, by student Oriana Wouters, of which the results will be announced shortly. By this study, they want to get a clear picture of the extent of the fishing in the waters around Bonaire. The students do this research at the request of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in close cooperation with the Public Entity Bonaire. The supervision is done by the "Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystems Studies" (IMARES) a research institute of "Wageningen University and Research Centre".


The knowledge of the fishermen is central
In order to get good results within this research of IMARES, the experiences and knowledge of the professional and sport fishermen, but also of the recreational fishermen, is very important. Therefore, the researchers like to join fishermen on board, in order to see how the fishing in Bonaire looks like in practice.


Contribute to the protecting of the Bonaire fish populations
Fishermen can contribute to the research by telling more about their profession. In this way IMARES gets a better impression of fishing on Bonaire. Also, the possibilities for the future can be considered better.

Roald and Patrick like to start

"Halo tur hende, kerido piskadó! We think that we can learn a lot from the fishermen and are looking forward to this period. With this research we want to help Bonaire to get a good impressionof the fishing " according to Roald and Patrick. "Nos ta spera pa mira abo pronto!"