Department to apply No Pass No Pay to School Bus Owners for busses not meeting inspection requiremen

School Bussing and Taxi Dispatching Inspection Department of Economic Affairs would like to inform school bus owners who did not show up to have their school busses inspected that the aforementioned will apply the ‘No Pass No Pay’ rule policy that was drafted in 2010.


A number of school busses have not been inspected and those who had to be re-inspected have not shown up to have this done.

All busses that do not meet inspection requirements will not be allowed to transport children on behalf of the Government. Those busses will be stopped.

School bus owners and drivers were given two opportunities in July to have their school busses inspected.

The key objective is to continue to provide safe, reliable and comfortable transportation services for school children.

For further information about services rendered by the Inspection Section, call telephone number 542-4511 or 542-4509.