Police Conduct Search, Shotgun & Drugs Found

On Saturday August 3rd at approximately 11.15 p.m. police patrols were directed to Peking Supermarket in Cole Bay, to investigate a case involving two unknown men who were driving in a white rental car with license plate 7073AAA and were in the possession of a fire arm.


On the scene the police encountered four young men who after identifying themselves were told to leave the area which they did. During a search of the area the police found a small plastic bag containing a quantity of cocaine, which was confiscated. No one was arrested in connection with the cocaine that was found. As the investigation continued in the area two men were seen standing next to a scooter on Bottle tree drive. When these men noticed the police were approaching them they took off running. However shortly after both men were caught and arrested for the illegal possession of a fire arm. The initials of the suspects are C.D. from Sint Kitts (26) and A.A.J. from Sint Maarten (22). The suspect C.D. was in the possession of a shotgun during his arrest. The gun was confiscated for further investigation. The suspect vehicle with license plate 7073AAA was located in the Baringtonia drive with the keys in the ignition and windows open. During a search of the car shotgun shells were found in the center console and were also confiscated.