Shooting incident leaves one person injured.

The third reported shooting incident over the last weekend leaves the second person injured.

On Sunday July 28th at approximately 11.00 p.m. police patrols and detectives were directed to the parking lot of Peking Supermarket opposite Tropicana Casino for a shooting incident. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to the victim with initials J.R. (19) from Sint Maarten, who was a bleeding from a wound on his lower left-arm.


He stated that he was sitting in car playing music when all of a sudden he heard several gunshots being fired off and he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left arm. He knew immediately that he had been shot. The investigating officers noticed a bullet impact and a bullet hole to the left side of the vehicle. The further stated that he did not know who shot at him and why. The victim was treated on the scene by paramedics and then taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The vehicle in question has confiscated as the investigation by the Forensic and Detective Department is ongoing.