Minister Lake appraised of status regarding Solid Waste Facility; New facility in operation in 2015

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake this week was appraised with respect to the current status regarding the construction of a Solid Waste Facility for Country Sint Maarten.

The final and third phase of a process to establish a Solid Waste Facility will commence in August. During this stage, four companies will take three months to prepare and submit bids end of November or early December.

The selection of the most favorable bid will take place in January 2014, and thereafter another three months would be needed to finalize and sign the concession and contracts with government and GEBE.

"As Minister I would like to grant the contract in January 2014 and have it constructed within the shortest period of time, the latest mid-2015. A location has to be identified. In the meantime the country is covered by a landfill budget for any emergencies such as fires.

"The recycling of waste is a priority and this has to be fully worked out and ready to be implemented when the Solid Waste Facility is ready to handle the processing of waste.

"The separation plan will take about one year max. This plant can separate the different waste into categories into recyclable and burnable waste, whereby the latter will be bundled and temporarily stock piled until it can be processed," Minister of VROMI Hon. Maurice Lake said on Wednesday.

After the signing, another 2.5 to three years will be needed for the design, build and testing of the country’s Solid Waste Facility.

In 2012, it was decided to start a new tender procedure with a competitive dialogue for the realization of the facility seeing the urgent situation with the current landfill.

The new tender procedure consisted of three phases, firstly, qualification, followed by dialogue and the bidding phase. In December 2012, a total of nine companies were selected for the qualification phase of the tender procedure. These companies were then invited to send in a request for participation in the tender process.

Of the nine companies, five companies qualified and were invited to take part in the dialogue phase. One of the five companies refrained from further participation in this phase and the remaining four companies completed this phase in the fourth week of May.

The four companies are all qualified to design, finance, build and operate the new Solid Waste Facility, and have proven technologies that can be operated in accordance with European Union regulations.

The four companies currently involved in the process are Matrix/Befesa/Abeima/Vinci (US-Spanish-French combination); Synergy (US company); Covanta (US company); and Babcock Wilcox Volund/Electrawinds (US-Danish-Belgian combination).