President Arrindell meets with Minister of Finance Hassink

PHOTO CUTLINE: L to R, Minister of Finance Hon. Martin Hassink shaking hands after concluding a successful meeting with President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell and signing the guestbook.

Tentative date set for first week of August to handle budget issues

President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell met with Minister of Finance Hon. Martin Hassink on Thursday to discuss handling of amendments to the 2012 and 2013 national budgets.

Budget matters are to be taken up in a plenary session to be scheduled for the first week of August when parliament returns from summer recess.


President Arrindell plans to meet with the Chairman of the parliamentary permanent Expenditures Committee Member of Parliament Hon, Roy Marlin to discuss matters pertaining to the budget of Country Sint Maarten.

This was the first visit to the House of Parliament by the Minister of Finance as well as his first official meeting with the President of Parliament.

A number of issues were discussed pertaining to the Ministry of Finance including the handling of the approved 2013 national budget.

"It’s of vital importance to have certainty and credibility with regards to the budgets of Country Sint Maarten. We have to build a sustainable resilient economy in challenging times. We do have our inherent limitations as a small island nation, but we have succeeded despite the challenges.

"A tentative date has already been set for the first week of August to have a first public plenary meeting related to the outstanding budget issues.

"I was very pleased with the discussions that we had and on how we should move forward. The new Minister of Finance has hit the ground running. He is well aware of our small, resource challenged, structurally dependent open one pillar economy.

"As a country we possess immense possibilities, opportunities and strengths. One of our key strengths is a resilient and largely hardworking people. I am very confident that we will overcome our budgetary challenges," President of Parliament Hon. Drs. Gracita Arrindell said on Sunday.